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What’s new in Biscuits?

Besides providing happier and healthier moments with your pet, the product
has exclusive benefits such as:
– Natural Ingredients: Free of GMOs, artificial colors and flavorings
– Intestinal Health: With Oat and prebiotic MOS in the formulation, ingredients
that help in the balance of the intestinal flora
– Oral Health: Contains sodium hexametaphosphate, an ingredient that aids in
decreasing tartar formation.
– Skin and Hair: Enriched with Zinc and biotin – important nutrients for
maintaining skin integrity and coat beauty.

What is the differential of Natoo Biscuits line?

Only our Biscuits can offer:
– Perfect and exclusive shapes;
– Rigorously selected ingredients;
– Free of transgenic ingredients, artificial colors and flavorings;
– They are baked, nutritious and balanced;
– Pleases the most demanding palates;
– Innovation and technology – modern factory and respect for the environment:
1 st pet food company in Brazil to achieve LEED GOLD certification;
– Incomparable quality at a fair price;
– Commitment to quality and to the consumer: 110% satisfaction guaranteed or
your money back.

Can I offer Biscuits every day to my pet?

For the provision of complementary foods, it is always important to consult with
your puppy’s veterinarian. The ideal is that the amount of the biscuit is not
more than 10% of the daily energy requirement that the puppy needs. So, on
the day you will offer, the ideal is to give 90% of the indicated amount of feed,
and supplement the rest of the energy needs of the day with the snack.

Adjusting the amount of feed to be offered is important to avoid excessive
consumption of energy, and consequently, weight gain, and overweight causes
direct damage to the health and quality of life of pets.
Once again, it is important to consult with your vet.

Where are the products developed?

We are a company specialized in high quality pet nutrition, and proudly
Brazilian. We produce in one of the most modern factories in the world, located
in the city of Dourado, in the countryside of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, with
our own equipment for manufacturing human cookies, the biscuits are
innovative and different from all the products found until today in the market.

Are Biscuits suitable for any breed?

Absolutely, Natoo thought of every detail with great care when developing the
Biscuits line, and one of the advantages and benefits is that we have the size
division, where we offer the format for the size of your dog, so that it can chew
correctly and healthily.

Does PremieRpet have Biscuits for cats?

Currently we have a line of Biscuits just for dogs. Keep watching our website, to
stay on top of information, curiosities and news!

Can I use Biscuits for pets with food hypersensitivity?

Natoo Biscuits is only for pets that are not hypersensitive to the formula’s
components. Ideally, in these cases, the veterinarian should guide you.